Ragi Cow Desi Ghee Cookies


Our Story

We at Nutraceutical Rich Organic India Pvt. Ltd. works to provide you a wide range of organic products to build a happy and healthy lifestyle under the brand name “Grandma millets”. From the inception of our startup it is our objective to ethically become one of the most respected organization of India in the fields of Nutraceutical products out of vast biodiverse environment of India in millets and organics and our objective is to research, manufacture, formulate, process, develop, refine, import, export, wholesale and/or retail trade in all kinds of Nutraceuticals and organic products in Millets and Organics from Indian agriculture and forest human inhabitant areas. Currently we are selling organic cookies made from super seeds like Ragi (Finger Millet), Bajra (Pearl millet) and Jowar (Sorghum) . We are also selling Flax seeds, Chia seeds and millet atta.

Millets are highly nutritious grains embedded with the goodness of proteins, fibres and antioxidants. They were traditionally consumed by our ancestors but unfortunately its consumption has reduced significantly in the past few decades due to several reasons like lack of knowledge on how to consume, high availability of less costly wheat and rice and inadequate investment in the sector. But now the world again has realized gluten free capabilities of millets to have a healthy diet. Millets are strong plants which are pest resistant, drought and climate resilient.

Mr. Ravinder Singh, founder of the startup get the opportunity to work with farmers in his M.Phil days. After watching the hardships of a farmer life he decided to build a startup that can benefit them. Farmers in India were always deprived of the value they contribute to our society. We at the startup ensure farmers will also get the right value for their contribution. Its our philosophy to listen and ensure well being of all the stakeholders of the company.

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